Paul and Karen Rennie are delighted to offer,for sale, some rare 1950's

London Transport posters. This period of graphic design has until very

recently been overlooked and even discarded.

As with Frank Pick's earlier advertising campaign in the 1930's, notable

fine artists were employed to create these eye-catching images.



John Arnold 1949

note the depiction of a fruitful post-war Britain, especially the land-girl

picking apples in her cord breeches and green stockings.


Ivon Hitchens 1951

Hitchens 1893 -1979 b.London, studied RA schools. Founder member

of 7&5 society. 1929 member of London Artist's Association.

1931 member of London Group. He was an important modern

landscape artist. 1979 retrospective held at the RA.


Denys Nicholls 1951

The 1940's and 50's was a period, in England, when the public were

encouraged to explore Britain's countryside and archaeology.

Writers such as John Betjeman and Niklaus Pevsner had already begun

to produce architectural guides to the counties of England. The publisher

Paul Elek was just beginning his series Visions of England which explore

the themes of neo-romanticism, history and the neo-gothic.

More recently Simon Jenkins has produced an updated version of this project.

This was also a period of great expansion at the National Trust,

under James Lees Milne, who took on many great houses for the nation.

The London Transport posters reflect the cultural interests of their time

and also evoke something of the collectivism of Ealing films and the

Festival of Britain (1951).


These pictorial posters were part of a series published by London Transport

in the late1940's and early 1950's, that were presented as double sheets.

The artist-designers were invited to use one sheet, in its entirety,

to illustrate a particular theme - markets, fairs, the river,churches,

parks and royal palaces. The second sheet was mostly given over

to travel information. These are unlikely to have been saved.

The posters presented here work as stand alone images within the

context of this campaign.


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