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1970's wooden molecule sets for sale £60 (boxed, as new)


Easter 2009 - seasonal gifts

FURNITURE exciting arts & crafts furniture from private collection

and iconic chairs too

original POSTERS and prints + RoSPA

BOOKS - + paul's Festival of Britain book

+ Edwardian Brighton photographs

fashion and textiles, including silk SCARVES

ravilious, bawden and friends -

including original 1930's curwen press wallpapers

artist designed CERAMICS and GLASS


BADGES -enamel and '60's button badges

seaside novelties and jokes

1950's board games

culture and society

including 1920's dungeness photo album

including film posterblog

click on picture to read about us.

and more press 2006...

and 2007 +

more 2007

and 2008

more 2008 - 'world of interiors' april 2008

archive slideshow of poster exhibition at CSM London May 2008 (click on image below)


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Folkestone's summer Triennale is now over

but you can still buy Sejla Kameric's postcards

- available exclusively from Rennies



specialists in british art & design of the 20C

we are paul & karen rennie

mount and evans studio 1967



We have moved from London

after 10 years ...


our address is:

47 The Old High Street



CT20 1RN


e -

t - 01303 242427

shop open from thursday to sunday 11am to 5pm

otherwise we could be HERE or HERE or possibly HERE

please check we are open before travelling long distance!


We do try to update our website

as soon as we can...

items for sale are added regularly.



The shop shows a selection of vintage graphics, furniture,

ceramics and textiles by British artists of the 20C. We cover

the period between WW1 and the Festival of Britain in 1951.



We're interested in all the things artists have made that aren't painting,

drawing and sculpture. The willingness of artists to create new kinds of

work has its origins in the avant-gardist desire to escape the bourgeois

values of salon painting and to engage with audiences beyond the gallery.

Coincidentally the 1920s and 30s was a period during which different

forms of modernism emerged in consequence to the political and social

upheavals of WW1. The character of English modernism depends as much

on the landscapes of garden and seaside as on the vistas of the metropolis.

It's distinguished by a modest, low-key scale that finds expression in the

beach hut, garden shed and artist's studio. It's a comfy modernism


Anyway, it's special stuff for home and not too expensive


This page has a list of names and some images - just click where

you want more information and email us for prices and availability .


Some of these items have been sold - we're sorry for any disappointment

but hope you'll be inspired by the possibilities


We have many other exciting things for sale too

au revoir....