original rare 1930s Shell poster of Rye Marshes
by Paul Nash,
(conserved and framed)
Abram Games original poster Israel
original P&O cruise poster 1950's
rare original large WW1 recruiting poster,
signed Guy Lipscombe,
c.40" x 60"
conserved onto japan paper,
(other large WW1 poster available too
see Remembrance page)
original Abram Games poster for BEA to Israel,
1953 P&O cruise poster (unframed)
Pierre Gauchat 1950s original poster Lucerne music festival
original Motor Bus company poster, 1920s
1953 Lucerne International Festival of Music poster by Pierre Gauchat
damage to edges (unconserved)
original motor bus poster, dated 1922, by Grainger Johnston,

James Fitton original poster, 1943
Tom Eckersley poster original
Betty Swanwick
for London Transport,
original poster 1954

museum conserved
£ 950
Wes Wilson
Avalon Ballroom The Blues Project 1976
Handbill printed in color.
(collection of Californian psychadelic posters for sale)
original poster by Tom Eckersley for
Pakistan International Airlines(unframed),

Tom Eckersley Cooks poster 1960's
original travel poster 1960's Mount Evans
Cooks Tours original poster by Tom Eckersley, 1960's (framed)
original 1960s poster for Sunday Times
Mount Evans travel poster, 1960's(unframed)
Frank Newbould
rare 1922 poster,
Patrick Tilley
original 1960s Sunday Times poster,
Patrick Tilley
original 1960s Sunday Times poster
British Railways poster Beverley Minster

Austin Cooper original poster for London Transport
1950's British Railways poster by Kenneth Steel (unframed)
Eddie Pond original Network South East poster for Windsor, dated 1989
original London Transport poster by Austin Cooper for Tramways, 1931
£325 (unconserved)
Britanny France original poster 1950s
1951 National Savings Birthday Calendar,
c.20" x 30" (unframed)
Margaret Barnard original London Transport poster, 1939,
(conserved, small losses)
original 1950s French Railways poster
Barnett Freedman musical still life Lyons lithograph
original British Industries Fair panel poster
Abram Games Careless Talk poster WW2
original Lyons lithograph musical still life,
by Barnett Freedman, 1951,
original London Transport panel poster,
for British Industries Fair 1939,
signed J Dodson
WW2 original Abram Games careless talks poster,
Feliks Topolski guardsman poster
Guardsmen poster by Feliks Topolski 1977, for Selfridges silver jubilee decorative scheme
( each approx. 55cms. wide by c.116cms. high - the image above is to show how three look together)
£500 each framed and glazed
(a few available unframed at £350 each)
WW1 Allies print
WW2 campaign ribbons poster
Henrion original poster
WW1 pochoir propaganda print 1917 ,
by Guy Arnoux ,
limited edition of 1000,
c.47cms. x 31.5cms. (image size)
£750 (framed)
1940's WW2 'campaign ribbons' poster (unframed)
Henrion RAF exhibition poster 1944
£650 (framed)
Frank Newbould Harwich poster orginal
scarce original 1940's RAF poster
(unframed and not conserved,
tears and loss to edge )


Frank Newbould
original LNER Harwich to Zeebrugge train ferry poster, c.1930s,
Donald Brun
rare 1949 Switzerland travel poster
Brussels Expo 1935  poster
European Freight original poster
Brussels Expo poster by Marfurt 1935 (unframed)
original 1959 British Railways poster (unframed)
for London Transport, 1928
St Albans Abbey
(two others in same series avaialable)
1920's gymnastics poster
Mount Evans united nations poster
French Rhone Valley poster
large rare 1920's gymnastic expo poster signed Fatonet (unframed), c.30" x 40"
1967 montreal expo poster by Mount Evans (unframed)
1950s French Railways poster for
Vallee du Rhone,
museum conserved unframed
Henry Moore 1940's exhibition poster
Venice exhibiton poster Whitechapel Art Gallery
ICA exhibition poster
1948 London sculpture exhibition (framed)
Whitechapel Gallery exhibition poster c.195l (unframed)
ICA poster, c.1970's (unframed)
GPO poster aircraft gpo poster bicycles
gpo poster motors
Tom Eckersley WWF original poster
three original GPO posters, late 1960's, c.20" x 30", signed Michael Heslop (unframed)
£25 each
rare Southern Railway poster for Dover,
signed by EW Burley, dated 1939,
Large Tom Eckersley for WWF
1982 poster,
c.40" x 60"
GPO poster Docks
GPO poster
1960's GPO posters c. 28"/ 71cms. x 35"/ 89cms. (unframed)
£160 each
GPO information poster c.1960 (unframed)

anti-smoking poster
anti-smoking campaign poster 1960's (unframed)
Eric Fraser for GPO
Hertz Radio Set 1886,
John Vickery for GPO
Outposts of Empire, Southern Rhodesia,
Hans Unger Observer poster
c.1960s original railway poster,
See Britain by Rail - Penshurst Place Kent,
Observer silk screen poster by Hans Unger 1960s very large (linen backed)
Tom Eckersley
Papermaking lecture poster,
London College of Printing,
original London transport poster 1930s
James Fitton GPO poster
original London Trasport poster by Althea Willoughby, c.1935 (unconserved)
small GPO poster by James Fitton RA, 1951 (unframed)
1970s Swedish film poster,
c.27" x 39"
Alaska beret label
fine woven silk beret label, c.1930's archival mount and handmade frame approx. 26cms. x 22cms. (label size 9cms. x 6cms.)
London Transport 1938 original poster
Famous People
1968 original poster by Yusaku Kamekura
(part of collection of rare 60's Japanese posters)
original Careless Talks poster by Fougasse WW2
Tom Eckersley savings bank postercard
Original 1940's Careless Talks poster by Fougasse (unframed)
others in series available
Tom Eckersley National Savings Bank
poster on card, (as issued)
c.17" / 44cms. x 22" / 56cms.
c.1960 Castrol Oil double sided screenprinted card pennants
£15 each
rare John Minton lithographic poster
rare 1948 John Minton lithograph,
produced for Ealing film studios,
c.55cms. x 70cms. (unframed)
Country Code poster
original london transport poster by willoughby 1930s
anti-litter poster
1960's information posters c.20" x 15" (unframed)
£40 each
original London Transport poster, 1930,
by HR Ball,`
1960S information poster, c.20" x 15"
Tom Eckersley safety poster
Tom Eckersley motoring safety poster
Eckersley for RoSPA 1940's
Eckerley Lombers RoSPA poster 1940's
(some tears, but complete )
c.1960 RoSPA road safety poster
Betty Swanwick
original London Underground poster,
(museum conserved, unframed)
HA Rothholz
original 1943 RoSPA accident prevention poster
please click here to view other original posters by Rothholz from his archive

Other RoSPA safety posters available - please click here

Betty Swanwick
original London Underground poster,
(museum conserved, unframed)
Abram Games army education poster
Allenburys health poster
original Abram Games Army Education Scheme poster, 1944
rare 1920's health promotion posters (some damage, museum conserved) (unframed) £285
original 1950s RoSPA road safety poster,
Polish film poster 1960s
OZ magazine original 1960s poster Barney Bubbles
Polish film poster dated 1961 signed by Cieslewisz
£150 (unconserved)
A. Brenet, original
c.1960 British Railways poster for ferry service,
original 'Existence is Unhappiness' foldout double sided poster (reverse b&w) from
issue no.12 OZ magazine, 1968,

Edward Ardizzone shelter lithograph 1940s
Edward Ardizzone original WW2 lithograph, 1941
Shelter Scene,
c.30" x 40", museum conserved, unframed,
scarce John Armstrong poster for GPO
John Armstrong for GPO, 1937,
large format poster, c.40" x 30",
Industrial poster
coal industrial poster

Reginald Mayes Coach Tours original poster
1960's original educational posters demonstrating power and production,
c.40' x 30"
£40 each
Reginald Mayes original London Transport poster, 1946, (unframed)
original London Transport poster,
featuring Aldgate High Street 1914,
Kings own loco train print
LMS 3-cylinder Express Locomotive n.161 'Kings Own' (Royal Scot Class)
signed M. Secretan
c.12" x 24" unframed
1950's National Savings poster
see other image on right
1950's National Savings poster,
see other image on left.
original 1950s poster for Orange cruises
Nederland Line cruising poster by
Reyn Dirksen, dated 1953,
museum conserved unframed
c.1951 HM Forces savings poster
and another


original Eckersley joint exhibition poster,
dated 1993.
E McKnight Kauffer
rare set of four posters for GPO,
Outposts of Britain, framed, 1937, c.25" x 20"
John Finnie London Transport poster 1960s
Polish film poster signed
Eckersley for RoSPA 1940s accident prevention poster,
John Finnie
original London Transport poster 1967
original 1960's Polish film poster
signed Swierzy
set of 10 EU referendum IN VOTE posters,
designed by Wolfgang Tilmans
Dorothy Hutton,
Country Houses, original poster for London Transport, 1954,
museum conserved.
Swierzy signed, original Polish film poster,
Haskins poster book
large format 1972 photoposter book with c.30 full page images by Sam Haskins
(many featuring large surreal apples!)
original vintage screenprint after Ludwig Hollwein,
original GPO information poster,
c.20"/ 50cms. x 15"/38cms.
original 1940s GPO lithograph poster by Doria Naschen, framed
original 1994 exhibition poster to accompany solo exhibition of Tom Eckersley's work at LCC,
£ 350
Eddie Pond
original Network SE poster for Brighton,
dated 1989
National Business Calendar awards 1984
vintage London Transport hide conductor's bag, with impressed LT bullseye roundel to front,
original Cunard menu 1964
Hans Unger design 'Wren's London'
original Cunard menu 1964
Dorit Dekk design 'Londoners'
Modern British Posters by Paul Rennie
GPO poster book
London Transport posters book
OUR PRICE £22.50 (RRP £29.95)

and signed by author if you wish.
GPO poster design book by Paul Rennie
our price £11.50 (RRP £12.50)
signed by author if you wish.
accident prevention poster history by Paul Rennie for RoSPA
signed by author if you wish.
£14 (RRP £16.99)
with contributory chapter by Paul Rennie
only paperback currently available
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