Graham Sutherland 1903 - 1980

born London. 1921 - 1926 studied at Goldsmiths School of Art,

specialising in etching. His style was greatly inspired by Samuel


In 1926 Sutherland converted to Roman Catholicism.

After 1929 he diversifies to earn a living, designing posters,

china, fabric. He began painting too.

1940 - 1945 Sutherland worked as an official war artist. His

particular depiction of scenes of devastation remained a

recurrent theme in his art. 1952 Sutherland was commissioned

to design a vast tapestry for the new Coventry Cathedral.

Coventry Cathedral was a most important national symbol of

postwar regeneration, designed by Sir Basil Spence.

Sutherland's reputation was at its height in the 1950's.

He is represented in all major national art galleries and museums and is internationally renowned.

Sutherland painted many distinctive portraits, notably one of Winston

Churchill, destroyed by Sir Winston's wife.


Graham Sutherland Shell poster

framed Shell poster by Graham Sutherland 1932 p.o.a.


Shell lorry bill 1937


contemporary lithograph 1938


tea plate designed for Foley china c.1934


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