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Columbus relief globe

lapland doll
quality Columbus world globe with relief moulding,
c.1960's c.5" Globul Geografic toy globes,
£30 each
1930's rabbit fur 'laplander' doll

scarce lead whistling guardsman
Renault Fourgonette ( play worn) £25
plastic R4 sold
friction Trabant (as new) £15
Renault 4 CV sold
Citroen DS19 £12
lead French sailor with rifle
Stuffed hare 1940s felt
large friction DDR plastic Opel toy car, in original box
sturdy blackcurrant felt stuffed hare (1940s material and pattern c.30cms. nose to tail )

also available one 23.8cms. and one 19cms.

Steiff of Germany, plush pig, c.16cms. nose to tail.
(button in ear)
1940s wooden keyrings
1940s 'bee' (available) and 'ladybird' (sold) painted wooden keyrings
£18 each
scarce Belgian astronomical model,
Cinelium Cambier, Ivac,
c.25" / 63cms. high,
assorted dice
£2.50 each

Pin the Tail on the Donkey,
c.1910, chromolithograph
scarce Johann Leonard Hess tinplate train, 100 series, comprising engine 4 carriages and 2 tenders. c.1900
Hornby series tinplate platform
c.1930s aluminium German/Swiss toy cutlery
£5 knife,fork,spoon set
and 6 place setting in tray £24

unusual painted lead dovecote, c.9cms.
large realistic lead haystack, c.7cms.
lead swinging gate, tree and horse

c.1950s rubber advertising Essolube
c.1950s Triang wooden spelling abacus
1950s geometric wire models,

Chinese 1930s 'Children of the Revolution' dolls,
c.34cms. tall,
£65 each
assortment of lead toys.
£10 each
all sold except newsagent's kiosk
1950s road safety child's printed cotton hankie,
1950s linen hankie
1930s camouflage bakelite and brass mounted propelling pencil,
original Abram Games c.1950s double pack playing cards, produced for the Financial Times,
as new, unopened,
in original box,
lead penguin sold, tom kitten £20,
and gnome sold
unusual lead figures of Indian service women,
£15 each
scarce 1940s lead stretcher bearer, wearing gas mask,
c.1960s DDR squeezy plastic bath hens,
£5 each
Pelham Puppet membership leaflet

'powerful' magnet in original packaging,

scarce 1950s Pelham Puppet PelPup membership form
Patrick Rylands Fish,
designed 1968, award 1970.

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