GOGGLE EYES: Look In Look Out

These vinyls will be viewed on various doorways in the Creative Quarter of Folkestone

inviting the viewer to explore the delights within as well as without.


At the top of the Old High Street, the heart of Folkestone's artistic hub a large window display

will unsettle, with it's Alfred Hitchcockian references and apparently serene Paul Nash colouration.

This is a collaboration between local artist Frieda Blöch and Karen Rennie.

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(it may take a while to load so please be patient, and then press play button)

inspired by...



A visit to Rennies Seaside Modern half way down the Old High Street at no.47 where a window

display and limited edition pack of postcards designed by London designer Rosey Trickett will encourage

the visitor to explore and look out as far as you can see.....


the Last LookOut.....


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© Paul and Karen Rennie 2014

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