Barnett Freedman 1901- 1958


Barnett Freedman belonged to a remarkable group of

artists taught by Paul Nash at the RCA. Through Nash

he was introduced to Harold Curwen and began to

decorate books and make posters for Curwen's clients.


Freedman was one of the most skillful draughtsmen of

his generation and had the rare skill of being able to

draw direct onto the litho stone.


The Gun Turret print is one of the great lithographs

of the 20C. It was published by the National Gallery

as part of an exhibition of Britain at War. The exhibition

was conceived as a series of prints that could be put

up in social centres, canteens and such like.

UPDATE July 2020 : -

We do have a few copies of the excellent hb. fully illus. accompanying book,
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London Transport poster 1956 (his very last poster) sold


Barnett Freedman designed menu cover for Orient Line 1930's

Orient Line menus designed by Barnett Freedman, 1937 sold


Barnett Freedman lithograph biscuit wrappers 1940's

Four beautifully lithographed biscuit wapper proofs, 1940's, from the Barnett Freedman archive,(with archival blindstamp)

(red, blue, green versions sold
peach version still available )

c. 10"/25cms. square

£40 each


Barnett Freedman page proof Jane Eyre barnett freedman Jane Eyre

lithograph page proof for Jane Eyre 1940 by Barnett Freedman sold

black and white litho vignettes, printed by Curwen Press
c.10cms. diam


His circus poster for London Transport, printed on two

sheets, is a technically complex piece of lithography which

made use of the most up-to-date inks available in 1937.

Superb limited edition illustrated monograph on

Barnett Freedman - edition of 500 SOLD OUT



limited edition sequel to the above publication - with newly discovered material,

including photos of posters on hoardings, student work.

only 250 copies each with an original lithographic illustration included.

photograph of eric ravilious, barnett freedman and john nash in uniform

taken by christine nash in 1940