david hockney born bradford 1937

undoubtedly our modern day living Picasso!

known as the 'golden boy' of British painting, David Hockney famously chose

to die his hair blonde, after seeing the 1960's Clairol advert proclaiming

'blondes have more fun'...

Hockney has always had a terrific facility for drawing...

But his stupendous and relentless work ethic, combined with his not caring 'what the neighbours think,' have only

added to his genius.

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Karen's first Hockney 1970
for sale scarce little 1st edition of David Hockney's Six Fairy Tales, 1970,
with 39 etching illustrations,
available at

swiftly followed by

degree thesis on David Hockney's theatrework 1979 the highlight of this

project was sitting in the tiny director's box at Glyndebourne during the

production of Rake's Progress, 1976

here is pdf of my dissertation!


framed Langan's Brasserie menus from the 1970s. nfs.

RCA poster 1960s

1980s souvenirs from Salt's Mill Yorkshire.

framed Woldgate Woods lll 20 and 21 May 2006
reproduction on textile by Royal Academy,

The most impressive thing about Hockney has been his constant enquiry and

his engagement with the process of LOOKING...


more images to follow....


scrap of Celia Birtwell Hockney Pulchinello fabric

reproduction of Hockney swimming pool for carpet design

latest exhibition at Annely Juda Gallery May - July 2015

and now - at Westminster Abbey his stained glass window


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