Metal and Wood

1889 gilt bronze medallion souvenir for ascending to top of Eiffel Tower!,
impressed mark of maker,

finely turned 19th century beechwood 'castle' box c.8cms. high
Robert Welch cast iron candleholder,
c.5.5" / 14cms. high,
Robert Welch cast iron candleholder

scarce 1930s Lyons toffee tin suitcase,

Robert Welch cast iron candleholder
Robert Welch cast iron candleholder

scarce heartbreaking 1860s tintypes of London Orphans,
c.1860s, in original card mounts
inscribed on reverse Clapton Asylum
£80 each
Silver plate hotelware sugar basins

Gebruder Hepp 20th century German silver plated hotelware/railway buffet sugar basins,
£10 each

mecca ballroom souvenir
scarce and unusual Mecca Ballroom 21st key souvenir, in original box,
and unusual 1950s silk scarf for Mecca Ballroom, c.31",
for info on the ballroom - read here

unusual embossed tin with primative relief of Victoria and Albert,
c.2.5" diam.
silver plated advertising matchbook holder,
Petter Oil Engines and Electric Generating Plants
Georgian lacquer snuff box,

hardwood hat brushes with original bristle on stand,

unusual bakelite and walnut 'naughty nineties' tobacco pipe

original 1950s biscuit tin from Butlins,
printed with rich colour 'cheesy' photographs,

scarce 1920s bronze Folkestone Piscatorial medallion,
inscribed on reverse '3rd pier 1922'
scarce Dover Sea Angling medallion 1922
scarce National Federation of Sea Anglers prize medallion for Conger eel of 27lbs.+ in 1925

Christofle of Paris, pair of finely cast silver plated posey vases,
in form of bunched turnips?,
heavy gauge, fully stamped, c.11cms./4.5" high.
madly luxurious,

boxwood woodworking tool
fine boxwood woodworkers spokeshave tool, inscribed T.Carter and maker Melhuish,

German steel plum line

c.1920s tintype photograph portrait in brooch fitting,

c.1960 East German melamine woodgrain effect picnic plate,
c.18.5cms. diam.
£12 each ( only 3 available )

scarce c.1940s 'periscope' reading glasses,
stamped Selene, Made in England,
in optician's box,

exquisite miniature metal cutlery in tray
made in Germany,
£15 the set

architects wooden set squares,
c112cms. long
£15 each

charming large carved wood cows with bells, probably German, c.6.5" / 17cms. long
£20 each

selection of vintage 'advertising' pencils,and two telephone pencils.
£1 each and others unused at 50p each

19th century box of hardwood 'gambling'? chips, possibly French?

scarce 1950s Pye Black Box Hi-Fi,
with original guarantee, service data, spare needle etc.

scarce 'space style' c.1960 Pye Stereophonic Projection record player,

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