davy jones lockup

location beermat available free in Folkestone

harbour wall photo © Creative Foundation

I would like to submit a secret entry to the 2008 Folkestone Triennial.

It is a ‘found object’ in the tradition of Marcel Duchamp who famously played chess

in Folkestone.

It is man made and organic at the same time.

It is the myth of Davy Jones locker and is to be found here.

It may of course be inaccessible but I have a record of its existance.

‘full fathom five thy father lies,
of his bones were coral made,
those are pearls that were his eyes,
nothing of him that doth fade
but doth suffer a sea - change
into something rich and strange’

The Tempest by Shakespeare.

2014 postscript

In preparation for exciting new horizons for Folkestone,

the locker has now been uncovered.....

and a great exhibit on the Stade in Folkestone for the 3rd triennial by Sarah Staton

resonates with this...

Harbour Arm has been lovingly restored and transformed into this...


Rennies Seaside Modern

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